So you wanna to be a Clown??

We have ways to teach you!   Sounds odd.. but really there are some basic things that are needed to be understood in order to become a good clown.  Slapping on some cheap makeup and thrift storel clothes is great for Halloween but becoming a Clown that can truly Clown and entertain people and spread Gods word as a Clown is a lot of work.

The purpose of running a Clowning 101 Course is for recruitment to Clown Ministry.

What is Clown Ministry??....."CLOWN MINISTRY first appeared in the United States and Canada in the late 1960s. Creative artists searched for ways to express the Christian faith in new and dramatic ways. Director Rolf Forsberg created a short film for the 1964 New York World’s Fair entitled “Parable.” In this film, Jesus is depicted as a clown and humanity as a travelling circus. Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak were inspired by “Parable” to write the musical of Jesus’s life and ministry entitled, “Godspell.” In this musical, Jesus and his disciples appear as clowns. Clown Ministry is a dramatic art form that attempts to communicate the message of our Lord in a new way through pantomime and laughter."

From Clown Ministry Workbook for Outreach, Teaching, & Worship By David R. Suhs

Clown Ministry is a way of life and a bit of a commitment to your team with God as the Boss Clown! Clown Ministry has grown throughout the US and I am looking to have it grow here in the Cambridge Area as well.

Though I must tell you clowns have really been around for centuries and you will learn more about this as well.

You can read my article on Clown Ministry at Huron Church News

Clowning 101 - Leading to Clown Ministry

When:  Wednesday nights for 10 Weeks from October 7th to December 16th  

Time 6:30 to 9pm

Registration will be posted shortly

Contact me below should you want information before I get to post!

Clowning 101 Information Please