Having fun with the work I do has always been a passion!  If you cannot have fun working it makes for a very long trail to retirement.  Throughout the years I have made many costumes for myself, children and for school mascots as well as a theatre production and historical costume.  This along with some major wedding gown design and all kinds of alterations under my belt.  I have a Fashion Technique and Design diploma and have been sewing since the age of 12 but lets not date that...  anyway take a look at some of the sketches and designs I have in mind at the bottom of the page and soon I will be posting pictures of some the new costume work in production now. 

Clown Costume Sketches... All Designs are property of  Flower Pot Dee Clown Custom Designs

Costume Accessories

This is an example of a Custom Taffeta wedding gown with handmade roses and bows... Date this one... late 1980's Wow Fabric can be manipulated so many ways... I made the headpiece and veil as well.  One of many of my wedding creations for over 20 years. (sorry don't do wedding any longer)

More to Come!

Theatrical and Historical Costume

22 costumes produced for a production of King Lear that was on the road to northern High Schools.  The costmes had to be durable and washable as well as tell the tale.  I made the crowns, scabards for the swords, footwear and everything about thease garments right down to the etching of a dragon on the leather sheild front of King Lears Costume.

More pictures to come as I pull them out of the archives!

Clown Accessories
New to Flower Pot Designs accessories such as this custom hand puppet.  It is a full arm puppet with movable mouth. Well finished, hand sewn and unique to each customer!

Custom Costume

Below please find some of my newest passion ... clown costumes... these are just some of the possibilities I have sketched. Between your imagination and mine the world is a pretty big place. 

We can work together to create your own Clown or other persona that may be  and coax it out of some great fabrics. 

Together Discussions of ideas and needs take place.


Pricing and then the construction of your own personal Costume be it Clown, historical,  or any other ideas you may be dreaming of ! ( Sorry... don't do wedding anymore)

Contact for your personal design and quote!