Bouquets Delivered to the door!

Bouquet Alone including a note card
Bouquet Presented by Flower Pot in Costume
           Includes a note card and
 some fun time
           clowning around!
Within a half hour drive of Central Cambridge area no Delivery fee.  After that a 25.00 fee will be added for within one hour of Central Cambridge.

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Beautiful Balloon Bouquets
  • Birthdays
  • Rehearsal Parties
  • Special Events
  • I love you!
  • I'm sorry!
  • Anniversaries
  • Business Thank yous
  • Congratulations
  • Babies, Graduations
  • All sorts of Reasons!
This is a large and lovely bouquet!  A beautiful fun and exciting piece to give to show you care with a different kind of flair!

They stand about 24" tall and 24" wide at the fullest part.  Presented in a fun holder.

Individual handmade pieces of creativity no two are totally alike!  Each one contains 10-12 creative fun flowers and accents. Can be somewhat customized to offer favorite items like Spiderman, butterflies, princesses etc.

Latex Warning:  The balloons are latex and can not be taken to hospitals or some other institutions... please check the location you are sending it to for restrictions and for allergies if you are planning to send it to a friend.

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