Some samples of Work that i can do for custom projects, costumes, puppets, props and all sorts of things!

Coming soon!  Photos of Scouts Canada Wolf Cub Mascot Timber and more!


Collapsible ditch bins made for a Magic Show Client to look like barrels to match his Agri Show Theme


My Puppet Petal, she can be ordered for your very own as well!  She is a gigantic cutie and very popular with kids.


Freeway the Clown in his Safari style costume


This little monkey was cleaned up, repaired and had a costume made to match his owner Freeway the Clown in the above Picture


Dave in his Spiff Juggling vest


Stilt walking shoe add on for a client.

Above is George!  He is a New George!  Barry O  had George and he was worn and ready to retire so a successful ( and I say much better copy of George) was created.  Barry was ecstatic! and greeted George with open arms and smiles!

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Stilt walker shoes with changeable covers


Work on the back of a reversable clown vest for Symbo the Clown and his full suit in the following pictures


Winky the Clown loves her new dress!

Photo Below  ....

 My newest puppet!  His name is Squishy.  He had a lot of outings now  and was very well loved and received by the Kids.  He has also been to Mooseburger Camp with me!

Have an idea for a puppet all your own! 

Custom is available!


Flower Pot in her full costume custom done by Flower Pot. Photo taken at Mooseburger Camp,  The costume is now 4 years old, worn bunches , washed lots and still looks great!

Clown Costume Sketches... All Designs are copyrite Flower Pot Dee Clown Custom Designs