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Hello there! I am Flower Pot
Your Family Entertainer! 

Check out everything Flower Pot and her Friends can do to make your event wonderful!



I enjoy bringing joy and fun through big or small events just clowning about. Being a character like and having fun face painting, ballooning, clown magic or with my puppets.  I really love  making special events more fun for your family or business!

Flower Pot is available to Entertain at your event in the areas of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Woodstock, Stratford, Ayr, Brantford, Guelph, and surrounding areas.  An average of 45 mins is allowable in travel time to a location.  If travel is more a travel fee may apply.

Information about Flower Pot

As Flower Pot Dee Clown I am also involved socially as well as part of a great groups of Clowns and Entertainers

TCA Family Entertainers in Toronto!    TCA Family Entertainers  a great group of entertainers and clowns that promote learning and skills development for entertainers

Clowns Canada Member   http//:clownscanada.com


Police Check for the vulnerable sector 

Flower Pot's Education and Training

3 summer sessions at Mooseburger Clown Arts Education Camp  mooseburger.com/moosecamp/

Run by Pricilla Mooseburger of Ringling Brothers Circus fame for 20 years Moose Camp is an amazing destination in Minnesota for clowns of all skill levels to learn from professionals in the field.  Tricia Manuel has put together every season great talents to help create talent in others.  This camp has clowns from all over the world attending each summer to gain skills and network with others.

Courses I have taken... along with many breakout sessions including, care and ministry clowning, the art of pies,  walk around shows and gags

Along with your courses you work all week as teams to rehearse gags to perform in front of a live audience of about 500 children of all ages bringing to them the 'All Star Clown Show'  A great event and a great learning experience.

2013- Birthday Parties and Special Events

2014- The art of the Gag - working to produce fun activities and shows

2015 - Puppetry - your friend comes to life!

Other Education

Clowns Canada Conferences 2012 and 2015

Many many Jam Sessions with area clowns

Care Clowning Conference Brantford 2012

Sheridan College Fashion Design and Technique